I seriously do not like being cold. So I wonder if perhaps this is not a stupid endeavor.

Weighing it all out, I trust that if I do diligence and prepare adequately, I will be able to enjoy this adventure. After all it does get cold here in the Klamath Basin.  Last winter was sub zero for quite a while, and I fared OK.  I have actually been colder in 40º weather in Point Reyes, where there is significant moisture in the air.  I imagine the Tibetan plateau to be quite dry at 12,000 feet.  Fingers crossed…in my mittens!

I have been online for weeks trying to ascertain the best clothing for the trip.  I have finally settled on an LL Bean -55 coat.  This is for starters.  I ordered a large, but then realized I will need room for layers, so soon I will be the proud owner of this fabulous and, hopefully, toasty, XL coat. Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 4.53.55 PMI plan on living in silk long johns, some kind of turtleneck, my camelhair sweater and this!

I also purchased some down mittens, but have learned that wool might be better, with waterproof covers.  Especially boiled wool. That said,  I will test my down mittens and hopefully the exterior material is waterproof enough to be effective.

The BEST thing I have gotten is my STORMY ROMER rancher’s cap.  This is a wool baseball-style hat from the Upper Peninsula (Michigan)with padding and ear flaps.  I love it. It might be too bulky to travel with…but, it is so perfect that I could be a sales person!


Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 5.07.10 PM

Next will be an exploration of the best trousers.