Middle Class

I have been thinking about the difference it makes when a society has a robust middle class. The divide between rich and poor seems a given, but  health seems directly correlated to the viability of the middle class. The questions are:
1. Is the rise of the American middle class in the 20th Century, and pursuant to that, (is this true?) the European middle class, the first time that this category has been so dominant?

2. Can it last?

3. Are we experiencing the Decline?

The Haight Street bus, San Francisco

The Haight Street bus, San Francisco



It has been one month since I lost my beloved Mick. At first the pain, massaged with unabiding guilt, was overwhelming.  Many friends sent their condolences, often via Facebook. Until now, I have not particularly valued Facebook.  Hearing from everyone truly helped. THANK YOU ALL.

One of the most oft suggested actions was for me to get a new dog.  So, as I was driving home, thinking of Mick, my car just took over and drove to Nelda’s house. Nelda breeds Parson’s Jack Russells for show.  FOR SHOW.  I am not interested in showing any dog…BUT, her dogs have the greatest dispositions and grow up in a stellar environment (https://www.facebook.com/nelda.herman.5?fref=ts).  I told her I was thinking about getting a JR, but wanted one with a sweet disposition.



Here is a 3 1/2 week old Parson’s Jack Russell Terrier.
We are making friends!

A bird in the hand…er, puppy…

Tiny puppy on my chest!

Roatan – June 2013

Blissful day.  Snorkeling “the Garden”, napping, snorkeling “Jewelfish grotto” and “the Bathtub”,  reading in between.

The two dive boats flanking the photo are for those who need to pay to get to the reef.  We just walk off the deck…..


Right off the deck of the house where I am staying in Roatan.

Right off the deck of the house where I am staying in Roatan.