SO, what do you do when a male Indian model comes to your studio and you need to get him to take his pants off!!! I mean down to the buff, except for the langot, a wrestling garment somewhat like an elaborate G-string, of which he will be modeling the tying.

Well, it is best to start slowly, just like walking up to wildlife.  Which is just what happened, albeit not by plan.

The photography session starts with him wearing a T-shirt that has a “despicable” (cute) on it and his jockey-style under shorts. After an initial shoot, off comes the T-shirt. But still the line of the langot is compromised by the jockies. Not good. Next, we change the back drop so it fully screens him and will create a back lit shadow dance– that is if he is comfortable stripping down under these conditions. He agrees, and I make a video of his shadow tying on the langot. Now he is comfortable enough with the situation…  We replace the front fabric so that he is fully visible and I get some really beautiful images of him putting the garment.

Whew!  I was really concerned that I was going to have to live with the jockies…