It has been one month since I lost my beloved Mick. At first the pain, massaged with unabiding guilt, was overwhelming.  Many friends sent their condolences, often via Facebook. Until now, I have not particularly valued Facebook.  Hearing from everyone truly helped. THANK YOU ALL.

One of the most oft suggested actions was for me to get a new dog.  So, as I was driving home, thinking of Mick, my car just took over and drove to Nelda’s house. Nelda breeds Parson’s Jack Russells for show.  FOR SHOW.  I am not interested in showing any dog…BUT, her dogs have the greatest dispositions and grow up in a stellar environment (  I told her I was thinking about getting a JR, but wanted one with a sweet disposition.



Here is a 3 1/2 week old Parson’s Jack Russell Terrier.
We are making friends!

A bird in the hand…er, puppy…

Tiny puppy on my chest!