So, what is up? This morning I am feeling completely repelled by just about everything. The food makes me want to gag. They eat such strange things. Fish heads and globs of fat. Now, I, who has forever loved leftovers, may never eat them again. I am sick at the dirt everywhere and the spitting of bones on the floor. I am sick of eating. And hearing Luseng eat. I am sick of being a clown in my attempts to communicate and I am sick at having to continually bother Dolma. I want a western toilet. I want out.

Then Yangtso asked me to accompany her to the stupa, bringing greens to place on the alter fire. This time it is mostly women, and they are so beautiful in their fuchsias and blues, with rhinestones catching the sunlight and warm smiles. The little Golden puppy is here, too. After making a few images, I, too, circumambulate. A little Om Mani Padme mixed with May all beings, with whom I am inseparably interconnected be awakened, fulfilled and free. May there be peace on this planet and throughout the entire universe. May we all complete the spiritual journey together.

Then I remembered arising to the sound of drums, and seeing the snow white mountain tower above a solid grey cloud bank, a bump of purity in an otherwise muddied world. It is a wonderful day.